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An example of how reading professional opinions about science can lead into science fiction.
Never Let Your Best Friend
Eat Anything You Can't Trust!

Why Trust Kumpi®?

  • Kumpi Pet Products have Never had a recall.
  • Products are held for release pending lab tests.
  • There is NOTHING FROM CHINA in the food.
  • Formulated by a Premiere Multi-Species Nutritionist.
  • Made in the U.S.A.—Colorado Owned and Operated.
  • A president who cares enough to answer her own phone.
Bringing scientific clarity and basic knowledge about pet food formulation.

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From Evy

President, Kumpi®

Whether you've heard about us from a friend or are shopping for a new pet food, your pet is important to me. When I helped formulate Kumpi® Dog Foods, selling a product isn't what I had in mind. The important thing to me was ensuring that my own pets were being fortified with the most powerful combination of ingredients possible. I have fulfilled a dream of creating a pet food company that puts money into its product, rather than expensive advertising and sack cost.
I know the performance of this food will be all the proof you'll need.